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What Really Happened In Mat Honan’s Password Saga?

Yesterday I posted about the importance of strong passwords and, though I stand by the position today, additional information has come to light about Mat Honan’s, the writer I referenced in that story, tale of woe.  According to a report in Forbes today by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, entitled “Apple Allowed Hackers Access to User’s iCloud Account” , the deed may not have been as challenging as it appeared on the surface.

It was assumed, when first reported yesterday, that hackers had to do some real work to crack the writer’s password and Mat took partial responsibility for not having changed his password in a while.  However, further investigation on Mat’s part has revealed that the suspects apparently were able to trick that password out of duped Apple employee’s.

I know many baby boomer’s have a basic mistrust of cloud services and how that affects their data storage decisions.  This report will make those decisions no easier, to say the least.  On the other hand, the decision to not avail themselves of cloud services may be a much easier one to make in the near future.  In the past, I have tried to alleviate, to some extent, the concerns posed by many boomer’s regarding the safety of their data in iCloud and similar systems.  With this report, it is hard to justify that cautious, but favorable, position.

In the end, it is up to every individual to determine what’s best for controlling their personal information and account access.  Will this incident portend future stringent security measures?  Probably.  Should it have taken such an occurrence for that to happen?  No.

We all become frustrated at the bank and with phone personnel who put us through the third degree when we attempt to attain account information, even if they know us, but let this be a lesson on the importance of such scrutiny.  In the future, maybe we will all be a little more patient when these security measures are implemented while accessing our various accounts.

Have a great day!


Apple, Samsung, Google, Windows, Oh My!

A quick review of Twitter today will reveal that, in tech news, the iPhone and Tablet market are the hot topics of the hour.  Apple and Samsung, in the midst of their patent battle, have been turning up some very interesting details regarding Apple’s quest to churn out the best quality products that money can buy.  Of course, that has to be money that an average person can afford when all is said and done, but they apparently spare no expense in the quest.

Articles by people in the know, indicate that Jobs was quite accurate when he said the iPhone technology was five years ahead of its time – as was the prototype for the 2010 iPhone which was seemingly created in 2005, according to  

Similar reports also state that the first iPhone prototype was on the order of what today is being called an iPad mini, or as I lovingly refer to it, an “iPad 7”.  As we all know now, those earlier models gave way to what actually became the first iPhones but, apparently, Apple hasn’t entirely scrapped those plans if the iPad 7 is in their thinking these days. reports that the first, approximately 7″, iPhone prototype even had a rounded glass screen.

Then there were the Tech Crunch reports of Apple gaining more of the Tablet market share, no real surprise to most people.  Among the top of the pack were Apple’s iPad, Samsung – Apple’s dance partner in court these days, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Asus’ entries.  Of course, Asus’ and Google’s latest joint venture hasn’t had time to register yet, having only been released a couple of weeks ago, but the Nexus 7 may make some real inroads before long if its reputation continues to build.  That is, provided Google can meet the production demands which, so far, has not proven to be the case.  When windows entries enter this battle around October, who knows what will happen to those numbers!

All of this Twitter speculation kept Apple at the top of tech news but, to add to it, even Sharp got into it when, according to, the new president, Takashi Okuda, said his company would be shipping the new iPhone displays this month.  As if iPhone 5 rumors weren’t fueled enough!

To top all of this hullaballoo off, even tech writer, author, and Nova host, David Pogue, got into the fray by announcing his iPhone was missing and had been found in Maryland by iCloud’s FindMyiPhone feature.  This very handy, and free I made add, feature of iCloud was responsible for pinpointing his iPhone’s location to a particular house in a particular neighborhood and even providing a mapped picture of the specific house, enabling police to search for and recover it within hours of him tweeting about its loss.

So what does all of this Twitter talk teach you?  Simple.  Be sure to enable the FindMyiPhone feature on your iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.  You never know when it may come up missing.