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When Does An Apple Taste The Best?

Not so quick!  You’ll have to read on a bit to get the answer to that question.

Rumors about a “Mini” iPad and the iPhone 5 abound.  Some sources portend release dates as early as August 7th for the new iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5 (but who knows with Apple).  Supposedly reliable sources from Japan and China, and quoted here in the States, are saying the new iPhone screen will be bigger and the new iPad screen will be smaller. Release of the new iPad (4th Generation or just 3 1/2?) could be as early as September.

Rumor has it that prototype images have been caught on camera and the new iPhone will have a two-tone back side.  Well, I’m not usually one to promulgate rumors and encourage, possibly unwarranted, hype for products that may or may not even be forthcoming.  There’s no doubt that a new generation of both “i” devices will be released sooner or later but, far be it for me to say, when exactly that may be.

Those questions can only be answered by a handful of sources, of course, counting Apple as one source and the part’s manufacturers each as single sources as well.  Which brings me to the answer of today’s quiz, “When does an Apple taste the best?” well, of course, when it’s served in bite-sized pieces.

No one knows that better than Apple and their powers that be.  Steve Jobs knew it well and his successors to the throne have learned well from their late leader.  All I can say is, “Bravo, Apple”, it’s amazing that, in this day and age, such huge secrets can still be kept under such tight wraps, at least for the most part.

Who doesn’t enjoy a surprise, and Apple is very good about supplying the masses, including me, with nice little technology packed surprises on a regular basis.  Here’s to the next iPhone and/or “Mini” iPad if and when they’re publicly acknowledged by Apple.


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