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Are Jailbroken iOS Devices Worth the Risk?

There are several risks inherent in jailbreaking your expensive iOS device, whether that be an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the least of which is not ruining your precious “i” equipment.  Legalities aside, let’s not forget a very big risk is voiding any Apple warranty remaining on the product.

Once all is said and done, though, is the utilization enjoyed after a successful jailbreak reward enough to take on that risk?  The answer for many is a resounding “Yes, definitely!”.  Rest assured, those are the successfully jailbroken owner’s.

Many feel that way on principal only, claiming that it is their item legally and they should have every right to  use any wireless service provider they choose.  That logic is hard to argue against.  This country was founded on many freedoms and the use and enjoyment of private property was one of those freedoms.  Others argue that they save a lot of money and have many more choices by buying apps on the open market instead of being limited exclusively to Apple’s app store.  This may be, too, although it’s hard to imagine more choice than 500,000 or so apps provide from the app store offerings.

No matter what your position, you may or may not be interested to know that has recently come up with the key to unlocking the new iPhone 4S and it’s brethren. I’m not personally familiar with their software but their claims are that it is completely reversible so the warranty voiding becomes a non-issue.  They also provide a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, making a question of “Are these solutions a waste of money?” disappear as well.

What about the future, what do you do with an iOS device that’s had this iOS release jailbroken when there are future iOS updates?  Well settles that concern, too, by providing lifetime updates.  Which, again leaving legalities aside, leaves us with the very big question of risking your device. Well, they say, they will hold your hand through the entire process if necessary and make the “5 minute” process just as easy as pie.

If you want to know where I stand on the issue, I’ve rooted or “jailbroken” an android tablet to update the OS but never an iOS device as the offerings in the app store and with the cellular providers have never been an issue for me.  If you watch the market, you’ll see that many jailbreak iPhones, etc. for the purpose of reselling them since they generally sell for substantially more than a standard device. I’ve also never been interested enough to purchase a jailbroken one, although why I would spend more to do so when I’m perfectly capable of doing so myself makes no sense anyway.

If you want to see what’s involved and check out other options when considering this process, which I would highly recommend, visit some of the sites that do offer software or services and check out their reputation’s.  I have done no research into this particular company and I’m not recommending them, but they sound like a promising option if you’re in the market.


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